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Check Out Our Latest News and Media Coverage


Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2016

TAG TEAM is very honored to be awarded Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2016 - Micro Brands in recognition of our brand quality and service to all our clients. The Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) was inaugurated in 2002 by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) and Lianhe Zaobao and supported by IE Singapore, IPOS and Spring Singapore. Today, SPBA continues to recognize and honor Singapore brands that have been developed and managed effectively through various branding initiatives. More information about the award can be found here.

SiTF Best Innovative Start-Up Award 2016

We're truly honored to be awarded Bronze for Best Innovative Start-Up (Early Stage) by Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF)! Thank you, SiTF!


TAG TEAM and TAG TEAM events have been featured on TV, newspaper articles, websites, technology conventions, online communities and blogs including the below.


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"There has to be some thing out there you can play which is fun, exciting, gives you the adrenaline rush AND does not involve staring at any screen, we thought"

- Picture and article from "Starting Young", The Business Times, Dec 2011


TAG TEAM was conceptualized by the founders in 2011. Founders notice that parents want a more holistic way to play and bond with their children, and to get children to play and interact physically with each other rather than just immerse in computer / mobile gaming.
“Tag” is specially selected to connote the fun and joy derive from the playing the tag game when we are children. And adding a “Tag” in Facebook context also means creating a link with another person. The first word “Tag” selected for the company represents the importance of Fun and Joy derives from linking ourselves with others.
Certainly “Tag” is easily associated with laser tag, archery tag, sword tag, or kungfu tag.
As a vision, “Tag” is purposefully chosen, as it shares a similar-sounding word as “Tech”. “Tag” represents the ambition of the company to be a tech toy developer that incorporates the latest technologies or early adopter of hi-tech toys and gadgets in its game design and play.
“Team” completes the company name and underscores the importance of teamwork in this company, and the importance of teamwork in any group, unit, or organization.  “Team” also accentuates the importance of leveraging on the strength of each other to overcome individual weakness and the various challenges face by the company.   

Our brand mission and focus are as follows:

  • Develop and build a strong team of event/team building-minded creative innovative event executives to manage the services and develop the brand, and constantly introduce innovative services and practice.
  • Dedicate efforts to recruit and provide quality training to event executives and centre managers.
  • Design the best game play or team building activities to meet the customers’ requirements.
  • Develop, build and maintain a suite of gaming equipment incorporating the latest technological developments like IoT technologies, and Augmented and Virtual Reality.

TAG TEAM started using laser tag equipment from overseas for birthday parties in 2011, and grew the business to conducting large corporate and school events using its in-house developed gaming equipment. In 2014, TAG TEAM opened Singapore’s largest indoor laser tag centre in East Coast Park. In 2015, TAG TEAM opened the world’s 1st ninja themed gaming centre in Downtown East. In 2016, TAG TEAM launched the world’s 1st laser tag sword: RezaSword, and its Kungfu tag Vest with long and short range sensors to offer the Best Tag Gaming Experience in Singapore and the region.

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Check Out What Others Say About Us!


Check Out What Others Say About Us!


".....With so many different vendors out there it is hard to know the right one to choose for a kid’s birthday party. Many companies offer face painting, obstacles and fancy vests, but the primary criteria for choosing a laser tag party provider should be the selection of weapons." 

- Neetu M (SuperMommy), seen with his son Zayden above at his 8th birthday party at Sentosa | 19 April 2017 


From TheSmartLocal

Click on the video above for the epic funny team building event we provided for TheSmartLocal! Listen to the comments from 6:01 onwards!

From Our Blogger Friends

"....paying S$15 for just 15 mins may seem steep but trust me, if you really play properly, you will sweat!..... The kids wanted to play some more so Abg requested another round but this time all of us kept insisitng that Mak (the grandmother) join us. She was apprehensive when she saw us covered in sweat but I just told her, she could be a 'camper' lol. You know, just hide but only shoot when someone appears in front of her. In the end, she joined us. She had a great time! If you watch my vlog below, you could see her scurrying here and there chasing her grandchildren..." - "Laser Tag at East Coast Park"  http://zzanyy.blogspot.sg/2015/11/laser-tag-at-east-coast-park.html

"Since discovering Laser Tag, the kids have always loved their excursions to TAG TEAM!" - Edunloaded.com   

"It was so fun! A warm up and prelude to the laser fight, we were taught how to use the Reza Sword - using both the sword and gun modes." - ilovedefamily.blogspot.sg

"I certainly ended the morning having done more exercise than I expected! Noey has been asking to bring Daddy back to Tag Team for a family Boys-v-Girls match-up so I will have to arrange one soon." - lifeisinthesmallthings.com

Some of Our Clients

More Testimonials

"...Our team was all hyped up for the interactive and exciting laser tag game and the friendly staff were extremely patient and did the briefing very clearly...

Overall, it was really an experience worth reliving again and would definitely recommend TAG TEAM to anyone who wants to have an ultimate blast of fun or some dynamic team bonding! Thank you so much!

- Jane Neo | 7 April 2017

Managing Director, Digimatic Media Pte Ltd

Digimatic Media Team building session on 7 April 2017

Digimatic Media Team building session on 7 April 2017

...All the participants had a great time
— Justine Peterson | 16 May 2014 | Gawad Kalinga Service Club - Singapore American School Laser Tag School Tournament


“We had engaged your services for our team building activities and it proved a hit amongst our team members. Not only it forges better ties, it also maid us better collogues in terms of cooperation.

The event was carried out in a very professional manner with facilitators & first-aid box on standby. Having said that, we would recommend you guys to other departments for their team building activities without any doubt! Two Thumbs Up, guys

Most memorable for year 2012
— Susan | 2 Jan 2013 | Birthday party for Alexander


“It is definitely one of the most memorable event for year 2012. We are glad we wrapped up the year with Tag Team Inc!!! A BIG thank you to all at Tag Team Inc. You are professional, efficient, friendly and committed. You have a tender way of blending the young and old to play as a team. Alexander and friends had a blast of awesome fun time. Mummies and Daddies were delighted to see the children enjoying themselves.

It was a great tagging experience ….

YES, and it’s worth sharing!!! All the best Tag Team Inc!!!”

...Professional and fun event
— Dev. Nathanael Tan | 21 Dec 2012 | Assistant Pastor – Hebron Bible Presbyterian Church | Church Event

“I would like to thank your company for a professional and fun event yesterday. Our Church youths thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was the highlight of the camp for many.

Kenny was very professional and warm, this helped to put the youths at ease. He was also conscious of their safety at all times. Brandon and Ming Sheng were very helpful as well.”

... Provided an additional opportunity for the woman to bond with their children
— Theodora Lai | 25 May 2014 | Young Women’s Leadership Connection Community Event / CSR Event


“I would like to thank TAG TEAM for your generous contribution toward the 100 wishes programme – a workshop and activity series aimed at uplifting the well-being and improvising the social mobility of vulnerable women.

The Laser Tag session benefited women and children from SACS Family centre – on of the four women’s shelter in Singapore. Aside from motivating them to incorporate fitness in their lives, the Laser Tag Session provided an additional opportunity for the women to bond with their children and with each other.

We are grateful for your support of YWLC’s community engagement efforts, and hope to work with you again

...An engaging and exciting programme
— Miss Loola | 21st Oct 2002 | Teacher-in-charge of Evergreen Sec NCC School | Team Building Session


“I would like to thank your great team for conducting an engaging and exciting programme for my NCC boys on Sat (20 Oct 2012). They were also kind enough to let my NCC instructors, teachers and myself to participate in the game too. We all had a great time playing together!

I would also like to thank you for accommodating to my request to engage your services despite the late application. It has been a pleasure working with you and your team! Looking forward to another working relationship with you in future!

Once again, THANK YOU very much! Have a good week ahead!”

All the things you did for us were priceless
— Jonathan Tok (carnival committee 2011) | Anglo Chinese School CARNIVAL 2011

“Thank you for coming down to my school (ACS Barker Road) in supporting us in our stall. You guys have been great! All the things you did for us was priceless, the most important thing was how all the people that came down to the stall enjoyed the game. We earned 4 digits in 2 hours and this is due to all the help you have given to us.

Many said it was impossible to have an extremely good business but you proved them wrong! many came back for more making our stall one as the most well received stalls!

From the class of 3Engineering of 2011 we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for making this Carnival a success! Hope to hear more from you guys!