TagME (Multi-Equipment Laser Tag)

Form your all-star team and engage in multi-equipment gameplay! Who says laser tag is all just about guns? Choose from our Laser Handgun, Rifle, Bow, Sword and Glove. Each weapon has its own speciality – everyone’s unique, so should be everyone’s choice of weapon too!


Being the latest addition to our Laser series equipment, TAG TEAM is the first and only provider of TagDrone. The specially-modified drone gets deactivated after receiving sufficient damaging shots. Experience it in the form of Laser Drone Tag for your birthday party booking or corporate team building event. We also conduct Drone Team Building programmes. Our TagLearner Drone Programmes teaches children from 8 years old coding through building and programming drones.

TagMR (Mixed Reality) Ninja

With our proprietary mixed reality technologies, you can now crossover and engage in battle in the virtual world. Battle one another or play together to battle against virtual ninjas. In “Ninja Squad”, you team up with other players with different weapons and battle virtual enemies together – think TagME (Multi-Equipment gameplay) in virtual format!

TagMR Laser

Tired of shooting one another? Our newly-installed flashing targets will have you work harder to defeat your opponents or work together in order to survive the mission! Gameplay includes Player versus Player, and Player versus Environment with score tabulated by the PC.  Shooting robotics target under time pressure!

TagRobotics Ninja

TagRobotics Ninja is fighting interactive virtual enemies together with robotic arms and snap targets. You know the talk about how robotics is meant to make things automated and life easier? Not our robotics – they will spring surprise attacks on you and make your life miserable. Experience it at your own risk!

TagRobotics Military

Put your reflexes and accuracy to the test – out shoot your competitors at our version of shooting range which utilizes our proprietary K-Vest.  TagRobotics military has robotics arms popping up to return fire till you shoot it down. So are you the best shooter under time pressure?

TagVR (Virtual Reality)

Come experience the Laser Sword experience in a VR environment – slash at virtual targets popping up and eliminate virtual enemies shooting back at you 360 degrees all around.


TagArchery is an exciting new sport which combines the intensity and excitement of dodgeball and paintball while using the skill-set of archery.

Using soft foam-tipped arrows, they leave no bruising or marks, making it fun and safe for players of all ages. Like Laser Tag - it is safe, mess-free and can be played indoors or outdoors! Min. recommended age: 10 years old.

TagLearner Programmes

For children from 8 years old onwards, TagLearner Programmes aim to teach coding / programming and IoT (Internet of Things) through playing and gaming.


We do provide other customized activities for corporate team building. To find out more, contact us at contact@tagteaminc.sg or leave us your contact details in the contact us form