We're very happy to see the fruits of our labour contributing to this simulation and training project for Ministry of Home Affairs for Singapore Police Force!  
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"Mobile truck to train and test police officers via VR tech", Today Online, 13 Jun 2017

SINGAPORE — Responding to a domestic incident where a man brandished a chopper, police officers shouted: “Calm down, sir. We are here to help you, sir. For your safety, put down the chopper right now.”

In a split second, the man started charging forward with the weapon and the officers were compelled to act.

This was the scene playing out in a soundproofed truck, as the police gave the media a preview on Monday (June 12) of its new mobile classroom to train its officers.

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Image source: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/mobile-truck-train-and-test-police-officers-vr-tech