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Applications of our Technologies in Simulation & Training


Applications of our Technologies in Simulation & Training

We're very happy to see the fruits of our labour contributing to this simulation and training project for Ministry of Home Affairs for Singapore Police Force!  
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"Mobile truck to train and test police officers via VR tech", Today Online, 13 Jun 2017

SINGAPORE — Responding to a domestic incident where a man brandished a chopper, police officers shouted: “Calm down, sir. We are here to help you, sir. For your safety, put down the chopper right now.”

In a split second, the man started charging forward with the weapon and the officers were compelled to act.

This was the scene playing out in a soundproofed truck, as the police gave the media a preview on Monday (June 12) of its new mobile classroom to train its officers.

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TAG TEAM's Technologies Featured on International Media!

"Next gen laser tag using AI machine learning, 3D printed weapons and drones that can shoot you"

Tag Team Inc has developed its own neural networks, hardware and video games to play futuristic team games.

Thought you knew laser tag? Think again. A Singapore-based startup is taking laser tag into the 21st century using artificial intelligence, 3D printing and drones.

Tag Team Inc has spent the last six years coming up with its own laser tag technologies to upgrade the existing game, which involves teams of players armed with guns that fire infrared beams. The players wear targets that are sensitive to infrared and have to run around within an arena earning points by shooting other players while avoiding being hit themselves. Read rest of the article here.

Wanna know how TAG TEAM can help you with our technologies? See Or simply contact us to discuss more. 

Source: International Business Times UK

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Our Technologies Showcase at InnovFest Unbound 2017

Hi all,

Here's the video of our technologies showcase at InnovFest Unbound 2017. Watch till the end to see our automated drone flying up as an enemy!

Through our efforts of improving and innovating our laser tag gaming experience, we have developed really cool technologies which can be adopted for industries and functions. Case in point - training and simulation, or simply any company looking to increase customer engagement. 

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