Corporate Team Building / Cohesion / Retreat / Family Day

Looking to bond and get to know one another better at your work place? Searching for an energy and productivity boost in your work place? Or getting everyone to work as one united team with shared goals and build a stronger team spirit? You have come to the right place.

Amongst the values emphasized in laser tag and our activities include Teamwork, Communication, Leadership, Strategy. Our team building activities are highly customizable to incorporate the specific corporate values you would like to inculcate. 

Be it a fun private session among colleagues, specialized corporate team building, big scale Family Day - we provide them all. From 8 pax to 7000 pax, we have done them all. We conduct team building sessions at indoor and outdoor venues all over Singapore, including at our two indoor venues - East Coast Park and Downtown East. We also provide team building services beyond laser tag and archery tag. 

Contact us for a customized quote today. 

Drone Team Building - Build, Fly and Play with Drones! (Latest!)

Participants get to work in teams to assemble a micro drone, learn basic flying drills and ultimately face-off in a game of Laser Drone Tag!

Click on the video below to check out the corporate team building event we provided for TheSmartLocal! Listen to the comments from 6:01 onwards!

Entire crew of TheSmartLocal having their team building at our indoor and spacious East Coast Park outlet