Mixed Reality Technologies (Machine Learning & AI, Hardware, IoT and Software) For Simulation and industrial Applications

Brief Background: Tag Team Inc Pte Ltd

TAG TEAM INC, a technologically driven company credited for their expertise in the world of laser tag. We are pioneers in the use of artificial intelligence machine learning through the field of networks, sensor technology, and embedded systems that revolutionized the game today.  TAG TEAM INC is looking to expand overseas through franchise and licensing as well as provide solutions and technology customization to various enterprises that will benefit from their knowledge and research in the various fields mentioned above.

Recent article about Tag Team Inc from International Business Times:

Technology Overview

Tag Team Inc designs and builds

  • hardware including PCBs/sensors that wirelessly connects to PC/Mobile/AR/VR gear for gaming, and simulation and training.
  • Software that runs on PC/mobile/AR/VR gears.

Using Machine Learning and AI, the hardware understands spatial movement, gesture & orientation, and has vision and audition capabilities. These technologies are deployed in 2 x Tag Team Inc Gaming Centres since 2014.

In 2017, Tag Team Inc completed a Simulation and Training project with a law enforcement agency and is currently working on another project in the Marine and Offshore engineering sector, and developing a preventive maintenance system for lifts and escalators using our proprietary technologies with a local company.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Machine Learning & AI as enablers of an intelligent hardware that understands spatial movement, gesture & orientation, and has vision and audition capabilities
  • Image and video processing and recognition capabilities on embedded system integrated with PC/Mobile
  • Audition processing and recognition capabilities on embedded system integrated with PC/Mobile
  • IoT capabilities including robotics, drone.
  • Software development for PC/mobile/VR/AR gears
  • Experienced in wireless technologies for multiple devices

Potential Applications

Simulation and Training using Mixed Reality Technologies can be suitably deployed to reduce/replace/augment

  • Training that requires organization to mobilize costly resources (e.g. heavy equipment, movement of personnel resulting in lower productivity, safety precautionary measures like ambulance and fire engine)
  • Training that can be dangerous or life threatening if a mistake is made
  • Training that needs to be performed during emergencies, and hence rarely a focus during daily work 

Mixed Reality technologies can also be applied in Industrial Applications that help make mechanical / electronic devices “intelligent” by enabling them to understand spatial motion/position, attain audition and enable vision capabilities.

Customer Benefits

  • Realistic and efficient training with Mixed Reality technologies.
  • Training system readily available and easily deployed for use anywhere and anytime.
  • Training scenarios to be added and modified.
  • Actions taken by the trainee to be recorded and corrective actions/remedial training actions to be prescribed for the trainee.
  • Cost saving.
  • Industrial applications that enable operations to be safer and more efficient.

For more details, contact@tagteaminc.sg

For tech customisation for events, https://www.tagteaminc.sg/technology-customization