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Tired and bored of your old toys? Do you want to play without darts? Regenerate your toys and convert it to laser tag. Play your favourite video game character in a real world setting using state of the art laser tag technology. Tag your friends at the convenience of your own neighbourhood, own time, and own choice of weapon. The all new Laser TagRider.

Mount and Play! Just mount it on the rail of your weapon of choice and start shooting opponents! 

Re-Purpose Your Blaster for a Blast

Laser TAGRider is a ground-breaking attachment that easily mounts onto any NERF, BOOMCO, MEGA and other toy blasters to re-purpose them for laser tag games and games you can play on your PC. It will upgrade your standard toys (dart blasters, mechanical or battery operated toy guns or any trigger based weapons) to a laser tag equipment.

Once attached, you will now have expanded options on the way you play as Laser TAGRider is designed for multi-player combat missions. Loaded with LED lights and sounds to provide visual and audio feedback for a great player experience. It will record and display player hit counts. It can shoot up to 20 meters with unlimited ammunition.

We've already receive orders from Israel, Singapore, United States; what are you waiting for? Order now and be one of the first to own this amazing technology!

Product Reviews

We would like to thank Yong Yi and Yong Yao for taking time to review our very own Laser TagRider.


The growing list of Laser TagRider compatible blasters