Technology customization

Showcasing our mixed reality technologies capabilities at the recent InnovFest Unbound 2017, participants used TAG TEAM's proprietary hardware - the Reza Sword, world's first laser sword gaming gadget and laser bow - to control virtual avatars to destroy virtual enemies in our ninja themed gaming software.

Watch out for the external robotic arm on the left side of the TV shooting at the participants in the middle of the game. Watch the video below till the end to witness the automated drone flying up and shooting the participants!


International Business Times UK witnessed our showcase at InnovFest Unbound 2017

Click on the image to read and watch video from International Business Times UK

technology Customization includes:

  • Hardware rapid prototyping
  • Simulation & training via virtual & augmented reality software 
  • Integration of hardware & software
  • Gamification of user experiences .........

And also.....

  • Shooting gallery and marketing/branding booths for large scale events
  • Rental of activity booths for carnivals, community events, family days, exhibitions, product launches, etc
  • Laser maze
  • Special game play with scoring systems
  • Impact sports scoring
  • Fitness and training
  • Toys and rehabilitation tools for the elderly
  • Mixed reality gameplay PvP (Player vs Player) or PvC (Player vs Computer)
  • Virtual Reality software
  • Wireless charging
  • Drone laser tag
  • Drone training & workshop

If you are based in Singapore and looking for technology customization and/or any of the above, come talk to us. Call us at +65 6456 4036 or email us at