Conquer the blaster world by being the TAG TEAM Nerf Champion. Register now to participate on 22nd December 2018 at 10am. Games will be held at TAG TEAM @East Coast Park. Form a team of 3 (regardless of age and gender) to engage another team in a battle crossfire. Rules, fixture, and gameplay will be coordinated with the participating teams.

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  • Wipe out all opponents


  • Score higher by shooting opponents base or eliminating opponents


How to Earn Points:

  • Shooting opponent’s base: by laser tag: +1pt | by blaster dart: +10pts

  • Eliminating an opponent = +50 points per opponent


Gameplay: 3 vs 3

Lives: 10 Lives per player

·      12 darts will be provided per team

·      Picking up darts during the game is allowed

·      Before start of the match, player should hold their team base wall until facilitator officially starts the match


Game Rules / Penalties that will forfeit game on 1st offence in favour of the opponent

·      Physical contact

·      Carrying/Pushing of obstacles

·      Using other things to hit base other than laser tag and tag team darts

·      Using vulgar language and taunting

·      Blaster must always be in front of player

·      Covering Sensors

*TAG TEAM reserves the right to amend rules and regulations.

Above correct as of 15 Dec 2018