Tag Team is a mixed reality gaming company. Started off as a hardware/IoT company pioneering the laser tag sword, Tag Team today has developed its proprietary AI software for vision, sound and sensor processing. We are pioneers in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning through the field of networks, sensor technology, and embedded systems that revolutionised gaming today. 

Article about Tag Team Inc from International Business Times:

  • Design, develop, and build customised AR/VR Apps for training and learning at an affordable cost using indigenously developed and tested gaming platform.

  • Develop, design, and build software or programmes requiring image recognition and Speech-to-Text technologies.

  • Conduct teambuilding activities using VR/AR/AI hardware/software as part of Singapore‚Äôs Smart Nation initiative to advocate use of innovative technologies to shape the way business, learning and interaction are being done.


In 2017, Tag Team completed a simulation and training project involving VR/mixed reality set up with a law enforcement agency and has completed similar projects using AI and Machine Learning in the Education, and Marine and Offshore engineering sector.   

Tag Team Toys and Mixed Reality Gaming Apps

In 2018, TagTeam launched its own series of gaming toys: TagRider and TagSaber that are matched with 4 gaming apps including teaching kids coding, first person shooter games, and other mixed reality gaming apps in IOS Applestore and Google Playstore.

Tag Team AI Engine and Software for Image, Word, and Number Recognition

TagTreasure and TagPixel, powered by AI and Image processing technologies, are two popular activities conducted for corporate events since June 2018.


Our AR activities like the TagTreasure and TagPixel gaming apps have been incorporated in team building activities involving participants from corporations like HP, Singapore Police Force, PSA, Boustead, NTT Data, DSTA and Wee Kim Wee School of Communications. Key features of the software backed by AI and machine learning include the ability to (1) Recognise Specific Images (2) Read Words (3) Read Numbers.

A hand can be placed in front of the camera to catch treasure or gold coin and win points.
Player is looking for the word "LION" which is lined vertically in the puzzle.

Tag Team VR / AR Team Building Game

Augmented Reality game: Software recognised TagRider (TagTeam Toy) using the camera and launched a dragon for simple interaction.
Augmented Reality game: Software recognized normal drawing on paper and through programming, the hand can interact the drawn shape to play music.
VR Teambuilding Game: Players compete with each other to catch fish in a VR setting.

Tag Team AI Engine and Software for Speech to Text and Text to Speech

In 2018, Tag Team launched its own designed and built its robot as shown below for gaming. We have been busy training TagRobot to be our ambassador to promote all our gaming activities from teambuilding to laser tag to VR and AR. We will be deploying our TagRobot customer service to our gaming centre as well as in the education sector soon!

ROBOTag with cute kids.JPG

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