TagMR Ninja

With our proprietary mixed reality technologies, you can now crossover and engage in battle in the virtual world. Battle one another or play together to battle against virtual ninjas. In “Ninja Squad”, you team up with other players with different weapons and battle virtual enemies together – think Multi-Equipment gameplay in virtual format!

You can battle against one another (we call it Player vs Player or PvP in short) or play together to battle against virtual ninjas (Player vs Computer or PvC in short). And now with our new Mixed Reality gameplay, you can also partner the virtual ninja and battle against other teams of player & virtual ninja! 

Click on the video below to catch sneak preview of TagMR Ninja!

TagMR Ninja available at both our outlets. Come the only Mixed Reality laser tag experience yourself!

TagMR Laser

Tired of shooting one another? Our newly-installed flashing targets will have you work harder to defeat your opponents or work together in order to survive the mission! Gameplay includes Player versus Player, and Player versus Environment with score tabulated by the PC.  Shooting robotics target under time pressure!